Dogs of Philadelphia Eagles RB Bryce Brown Linked to Dog Fighting Operation in Wisconsin

By Dan Parzych
Bryce Brown
(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

The Philadelphia Eagles had to deal with the aftermath of Michael Vick‘s involvement of a dog-fighting scandal a couple of years ago and now–it looks like they may have to deal with another mess involving running back Bryce Brown.

Apparently, Brown is under investigation after a pit bull along with seven other puppies that belonged to the running back were taken from a place in Wisconsin that is believed to be part of a dog fighting operation. While investigation is still going on, the details of this case don’t look good for Brown early on and it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out as more details continue to emerge.

The NFL has seen one too many of their players find themselves in trouble with the law, but a crime like this is the last thing Brown or Philadelphia needs to deal with. If this whole thing does end up being true, there’s a good chance Brown could be facing jail time and suspension from the league–just like Vick did a couple of years ago before he joined the Eagles.

Philadelphia received plenty of criticism a couple of years ago when they made the decision to give Vick a second chance and now that there is another one of their players possibly linked to another dog fighting operation–one can only imagine the aftermath of this situation if these details surrounding Brown end up being true.

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