A Hater’s Take: Aaron Hernandez is scum

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Aaron Hernandez
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Hernandez took the American dream for granted.

He got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in the NFL, something that so many young men can only fantasize about. Instead of putting his old life behind him and enjoying the NFL life, though, Hernandez chose to throw it away.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to put your old ways behind you, especially with so much money at your disposal. But that’s the great thing about the money and stature that come with playing in the NFL; it gives you the power to sever ties with the past. The only thing that kept Hernandez from doing so was his own arrogance and ignorance.

Instead of retreating to his lovely mansion in North Attleborough, Mass., he took a deuce on top of the golden opportunity that life had presented him with. Instead of just accepting the millions of dollars the New England Patriots handed him, he gave them the middle finger and stirred up a heaping pile of trouble away from the football field. Instead of being a professional, Hernandez took the low road.

You knew there was something wrong when a first-round talent fell all the way to the fourth round. The only time that ever happens is when a player’s personality is so volatile that teams aren’t willing to take the risk. The Patriots thought they could fix Hernandez, but are instead suffering from the PR disaster that came with his colossal lapse in judgment.

Even if Hernandez pulls an O.J. and escapes these murder charges, he’ll forever be blacklisted as an NFL player. No team would be so unethical as to sign a player with a past as damaged and dirty as Hernandez’ has been revealed to be over the last couple of weeks. Then again, maybe it’s for the best that his true colors are finally visible.

Not only did Hernandez take a life or three (allegedly), but he soiled the NFL name and made a mockery of what being a “Patriot” stands for. I hope he’s already seen his last days as a professional football player.

Hernandez, you’re scum.

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