Wes Welker Still A Very Good Fantasy Option For Wide Receiver

By Steven Carollo
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The ex-six-year New England Patriots‘ wide receiver Wes Welker is of course now a member of the Denver Broncos. Leaving Tom Brady to go to Peyton Manning or vice versa, is an option every wide receiver would dream of when signing with a new team.  However, for Fantasy Football owners, can you expect Welker to put up the same numbers as he did with the Patriots?

Welker was obviously Brady’s favorite wide receiver target, by far, not including the tight ends. The last two regular seasons for the Patriots, Welker had 122 receptions with nine touchdowns in 2011 and 118 receptions with six touchdowns last season in 2012.  However, with the Broncos, Welker will not be the clear-cut favorite target for Manning. Welker could be the second or possibly the third favorite wide receiver target behind Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, for Manning, and that is not including the tight ends that he loves to throw to, being Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen. This, obviously, would result in not as many catches like he had with the Patriots.

I believe, though, that this will only effect owners in certain Fantasy Football leagues who count points via receptions. In other leagues that don’t count receptions, Welker will still be a top wide receiver draft choice because his touchdowns with the Broncos should not be affected.

Why I say this is because the Broncos offense is hands down the best in the NFL, and they are one of the clear-cut favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, barring any injuries. Even at Manning’s age, I think he can and will, with this offense, challenge Brady’s touchdown record in a single season of 50 and try to take back a record that was once his for three seasons. And if that is the case, which I think it will be, Welker should be on the receiving end of a lot of those touchdowns, as well as everyone else on the Broncos.  This still makes Welker a very good fantasy option for wide receiver this season.

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