Injured Players Should Be Ready For Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

By Michael Terrill
Injured Players Should Be Ready For Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had several players deal with injuries in the offseason, but the good news is almost all of them will be ready for training camp. It is certainly exciting for the Buccaneers to have these players ready so that the team can get ready to make some noise during the 2013 NFL season.

“They’re going to be out there which is great,” head coach Greg Schiano said, according to  “What they do and how much they do…I think each guy – which we always do – we handle them individually. Todd Toriscelli and Jay Butler work extremely well together, communicate with Mark and myself and we just kind of put together plans to get everybody and phase them back.”

Fans will get their first look at cornerback Darrelle Revis. Meanwhile, offensive guards Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph and defensive end Adrian Clayborn are all expected to be ready to go once camp begins. Obviously, Revis is the big name and the player that most people will focus on over the next few weeks. The good news is the team has been reassured that he has progressed well in his recovery.

“They’ll be out there,” Schiano told “Everybody will be on different schedules as far as what they’re doing. That’ll be determined as late as the night before we start camp, you know, how do they look Jay? How do they look in their physical, their report, their assessment? We fully expect them to be out there in practice so that’s good.”

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