Buffalo Bills: Team's Plan is to Make C.J. Spiller Puke; Oh, and Win Games

By Ryan Heckman


Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills enter the 2013 NFL season with more optimism than recent years. Despite the quarterback battle not quite equating to a starter just yet, the Bills have reason to believe they can be pretty good offensively.

With E.J. Manuel and Kevin Kolb going at it in the starting quarterback competition, the back field is pretty set. Fourth year pro C.J. Spiller and veteran running back Fred Jackson figure to be in the top tier of the NFL in total yards from scrimmage in 2013, and from the sound of their offensive coordinator, that could wind up making one of those guys a bit queezy.

New offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has recently shared his perspective on how the Bills’ offense will look this year in an interview with WGR 550 Radio. According to the Buffalo News, Hackett had this to say:

“It’s real simple. We’re going to give him the ball until he throws up. So he’s either got to tap out or throw up on the field. Let’s just put it that way.”

Well, thank you Mr. Hackett for the blunt answer. I hope Spiller has his barf bag and some electrolytes handy on the sideline throughout the season. It sounds like he’ll need them.

Spiller was sixth in the NFL last season in yards from scrimmage at 1,703 and he was not even completely healthy for the whole year, having a few minor issues here and there. If he were to stay 100 percent healthy throughout the upcoming season, Spiller will have a shot to do something special.

The former Clemson stud has all the tools necessary to be a great running back in the league. He’s come on real strong over the past year and a half, and from the looks of it will be the make-or-break aspect of the Bills’ offense this year. If he is on point, the team has a great chance to win any given game in their eyes.

Keeping himself in tip-top shape will be a priority to the team, don’t make any mistake about it. Hackett wants him to have the ball in his hands as much as possible, but keeping their prized possession on the field and in the best shape possible will be crucial.

Spiller may find himself throwing up a couple of times throughout the year, and to Hackett, that’s just fine. I guess as long as he can still run with the ball in his hands, that’s good enough. What an odd perspective that man has on his players’ well-being.

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