Detroit Lions Will be Ready for Anything on Defense

By Michael Terrill
Detroit Lions Will be Ready for Anything on Defense
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions did not actually think they would be seeing the wildcat formation in their first preseason game but that is exactly what happened. At this point, the Lions are determined to prepare for anything just in case something unexpected comes up. That is why they are preparing for the Washington Redskins’ read-option offense now even though they will not face them until the third preseason game.

“Just get a head start,” safety Glover Quin said, according to “Obviously, you never know what you’re going to see in the preseason. Who would have thought we would have saw a wildcat snap last week? But it’s the same thing that other teams are doing, why not work on it?”

Detroit understands that in order to reach the playoffs they will have to be ready for whatever is thrown their way. They pretty much know what they are going to get with the three other teams in the NFC North. None of the teams are going to be doing much with a read-option offense. However, it certainly is better to be safe than sorry.

“Got to practice every situation,” linebacker Ashlee Palmer said regarding defending the read-option in practice, according to “That’s what Jim Schwartz is about. And the situation came up this past weekend, I think we played it well. But yeah, you have to practice that situation because most offenses may throw that in as a wrench and it may come up next week, so if it comes up, we’ll be prepared. “

It is certainly comforting know the defense should not be taken back by anything they see in 2013.

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