Chicago Bears: Marc Trestman is Not Showing Sufficient Progress in Revamping the Bears

By Meriah Milliken
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears were supposed to have a new offense but after two preseason games, they are showing the same strategies as the old Bears. After a promising training camp, they have now shown that same promise into preseason. Head coach Marc Trestman hasn’t really shown the progress that was hoped for when he was hired by general manager Phil Emery.

Trestman’s offense still hasn’t been able to protect the quarterback, as Jay Cutler has been sacked in both preseason games while only playing a handful of series. Rookies Kyle Long and Jordan Mills have shown themselves worthy of playing on the starting offense. Trestman did do something right by demoting J’Marcus Webb to second-string. However, unless you can clone Long and Mill’s talent and drive, the offense still has a long way to go to become as much of a threat as the Bears’ defense.

The defense has still been everything that the Bears’ defense should be: absolutely amazing. I was afraid that the defense was going to be sub-par. However, their performances have subdued my fears. The Bears still have the veterans that know how to keep things solid and rookies who that show that the defense will be just fine in the future.

The biggest worry of mine right now is Cutler. Trestman was supposed to turn Cutler into a perfectly molded quarterback. He has started this preseason with a shaky start at best. He’s thrown interceptions and made questionable decisions. We don’t know if this because Trestman and Cutler don’t want to lay out all their chips in the preseason, or if there hasn’t been enough progress.

The Bears have what it takes to take the divisional championship — there’s no doubt about that. Trestman’s leadership and play-calling is what is going to make or break their chance of getting there.

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