Did Philadelphia Eagles Really Even Have A Quarterback Competition?

By Bob Francis
Chip Kelly
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Months have passed since Chip Kelly became the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. It has seemed since day one that he had a plan for everything, from the coaching staff, to practice regimen and finally his coveted quarterback competition.

But was there really a competition after all, or is Kelly just that smart?

It looked clear to anyone who follows football that Michael Vick was made for Chip’s high-octane spread offense. His athleticism, speed, elusiveness and strong arm all fit the mold. So why did Kelly insist on having a competition to determine who would start the 2013 season behind center in Philadelphia?

He’s just that smart.

Kelly took advantage of one of his largest assets: two starting quarterbacks. Although Vick is the better fit for his offense and definitely presents more of a threat for the Eagles going somewhere this year, Kelly made them compete against each other day in and day out for months to make them both better.

Building confidence in each along the way, Kelly strengthened the team from within before his team even took the field for a game.

With his past history of playing only one complete NFL season, odds are Vick will miss a game at some point this season. All Kelly’s competition did was ensure that regardless of who is taking the snaps, the Eagles offense will run smoothly in front of a confident and comfortable quarterback.

On another team, Nick Foles could have the starting role, but in Philadelphia with the type of offense being run and Vick on the roster, he’ll have to settle for second fiddle.

More than likely, Foles will get a chance at some point this year to play meaningful football, and Kelly made the decision long ago to do what’s best for the team by creating a competition and getting the most out of both his quarterbacks.

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