Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals President Mike Brown is Ruthless When it Comes to Roster Cuts

By Ryan Heckman
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

So far, the HBO hit series “Hard Knocks” has not proved to be a distraction for the Cincinnati Bengals in the preseason and throughout training camp. Quarterback Andy Dalton looks great and the offense could be much improved from last year; something fans are real excited about.

With all of the drama up to this point in this reality TV series, it has finally come time to step it up a notch. The team has begun their cuts, and the way the front office goes about doing it can be summed up in one word: Business.

Bengals president Mike Brown has been around long enough to know that the NFL is a business before anything else. Sure, it’s a pastime, a sport and for some a religion. But, above all else, it is a business.

Brown has been active in the team’s decisions to cut certain players so far, and he is not taking any emotion into consideration when making these tough calls. During the latest episode, number three, Brown is seen giving his two cents in respect to the roster cuts about to take place.

“I would suggest to you,” Brown says, “there are some guys that are not playing, not practicing, not helping enough — if at all — right now, and we ought to be able to let them go.”

The other front office representatives and coaches in the room nod their heads — as if they would dare to disagree with Mr. bossman — and Brown continues plucking players from the pool to send home.

“Goard, is there any reason that we can’t do without him?”

One of the coaches responds immediately, “No reason whatsoever.”

And, there it is. Wide receiver Tyrone Goard is cut loose. Brown continues on down the line and gets to veteran linebacker Aaron Maybin, whom linebackers coach Paul Guenther says hasn’t gotten ample opportunity to compete for a spot yet.

“Maybin. You don’t need him, do you?”

After Guenther seems to present a case for the linebacker to stay, but also agrees that he hasn’t done much to show he deserves a spot, Brown proceeds by saying, “OK, we’ll send him on his way too.”

For Bengals fans, I can guarantee you this: Your president is all about winning. He gets it. The team is finally headed in the right direction after many years of misery and there’s no reason to believe Brown will allow the Bengals to veer from that path. Despite his ruthless style of management, the Bengals appear to be in good hands.

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