Teams Would Reportedly Be Interested Aaron Hernandez if Released; Crazy Talk?

By Andrew Fisher
Aaron Hernandez
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The Rolling Stone story that’s come out on Aaron Hernandez‘s personal life has really shed some light on the former tight end’s troubles. Who knows exactly how much of the report is accurate, but I think it’s fair to assume he was up to no good over the last several years. Now, he’s of course facing a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd and numerous other gun charges to go along with it.

Most people have already deemed Hernandez as guilty, but just like any American, he’s going to get his day in court. So even though all the circumstantial evidence against him seems damning, there is a remote possibility that he could be set free one day. Stranger things have happened during the American legal process. So if that were to happen, Hernandez could in theory play football once again.

Paul Solotaroff, who wrote the RS article, says his sources tell him that teams would indeed be interested in the troubled tight end if he’s ever set free. On top of that, he had this to say:

“I think (the case) is not only beatable, I think he will be back in the NFL within three or four years. I think they’ve grossly overcharged him based on the case they’re building — no direct eye witness, no murder weapon, no plausible motive.”

Solotaroff admits that Hernandez is most certainly going down on the multiple gun charges against him, but other than that, he seems to think it’s only a matter of time before he walks out of prison.

This county is all about second chances, so you never know if an NFL team might truly show some interest in him if he ever gets out. I’m not counting on that, but you never know…


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