Could Tim Tebow Possibly Return to New England Patriots At Later Point This Season?

By Paul Seaver
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

On Saturday morning, the New England Patriots finalized their roster for the 2013 NFL season as the league’s deadline on mandated cuts came and went. One of the team’s last minute sacrifices was none other highly-publicized quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Upon clearing waivers, Tebow is once again a free agent, open to signing anywhere he so chooses — the only problem however, is that nobody is really interested. Yet what about a possible, down-the-line return to the Patriots?

Well, head coach Bill Belichick didn’t exactly rule that possible scenario out when he spoke with reporters on Monday morning. Belichick stated, “Yeah, I don’t know what’s going to happen during the year. Certainly we’ve had a lot of players that have left here and come back here. That’s already happened multiple times this year.”

You can obviously insert Belichick’s monotone into that quote and when you think about things a bit more, he may very well have been just trying to simply put an end to that particular conversation — you know how he conducts himself with the media.

For now however, Tebow is unemployed and some are even speculating that his release on Saturday could be the end of his tenure in the NFL. Barring any unforeseen injuries in New England, it’s probably unlikely that the team would bring Tebow back. But we have seen crazier things happen, right? And Belichick did not make an obvious point about other players who have gone through that exact process on multiple occasions this year.

Either way, New England’s focus is on the Buffalo Bills, certainly not Tebow.


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