New England Patriots' Defense Will Be Playing With A Chip On Their Shoulder Sunday

By Will Gellman
Aqib Talib
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With the New England Patriots‘ regular season opener set to kickoff on Sunday, the team is preparing for a divisional matchup against the Buffalo Bills.  If the team lacked motivation going into the game, they have certainly found it now.

For those that don’t know, Bills’ WR Stevie Johnson made comments recently regarding the defensive ability of the Patriots.  He said, “They don’t have anyone who can stop me” and “I still think we can take advantage of their defense.”

This was not a smart move, to say the least, by Johnson.  The Patriots love using comments like this as bulletin board material.  If you are Johnson, you should probably know the Patriots’ personnel before you open your mouth, because he said that he has respect for Patrick Chung, who is no longer on the team.

Even worse, you shouldn’t be bad-mouthing the Patriots when your team’s record is 3-23 all-time against them. You can bet that Bill Belichick, along with the entire Patriots’ defense, have seen his comments by now.  The defense will no doubt be playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Back in 2007, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Anthony Smith, predicted a guaranteed win against the Patriots during their run at a perfect season.  As Patriots’ fans know, the team used his comments back then as fuel, completing two touchdowns against him personally, winning the game convincingly 34-13.

If the past is any indicator, the Patriots will look to do the same thing after Johnson’s comments, albeit on the other side of the football.  Expect Aqib Talib and the entire Patriots’ defense to be playing with a chip on their shoulder Sunday.

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