Dez Bryant Winning MVP is Just More Crazy Talk From Michael Irvin

By Andrew Fisher
Dez Bryant
USA Today Sports

Oh, Michael Irvin. You never cease to amaze us with your animated football commentary. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the hall of fame wide receiver, but his latest comments are just a little bit on the crazy side. Irvin has predicted that Dez Bryant will win the 2013 NFL MVP award. Here’s some of his reasoning:

“I’m telling you, man you gotta see this dude now, this dude understands football. I gotta say it, I never thought he had the capability of understanding the game the way he understands it.”

Nothing solidifies an argument like, ‘I’m telling you, man.’

Most of us can agree that Bryant is headed for a monstrous 2013 season. The WR made leaps and bounds with his maturity last season and I will agree with Irvin that he finally gets it. But MVP? C’mon now.

History is not on Bryant’s side. The harsh reality – no wide receiver has ever won the AP MVP award. Jerry Rice is the only receiver in league history to ever win any type of MVP honors, as he won the award from the Pro Football Writers Association back in 1987. Furthermore, look at the ginormous season Calvin Johnson had last year. Dude set a new receiving yards record and he wasn’t really even in the discussion to win the award.

While you never want to say never in professional sports, the odds of Bryant taking home the 2013 NFL MVP award are slim and none, and slim… Ah, you know the rest…


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