Will Michael Turner Play Football This Year?

By Jay Cullen
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Turner seemed like a fixture in the Atlanta Falcons offense. That is, until he was cut. Although Turner had amassed four 1,000-yard plus seasons for the Falcons, his release was not a surprise. While many fans believed Turner was a good back (partially because he was good in fantasy football), Turner had a bad season, averaging less than four yards a carry.

The fact that Turner has not been signed yet has surprised even those who criticized him last year. Turner did have a bad season, but he was still a good NFL back. Not that he’s the most talented back, but he has proven to be durable, rarely missing many games. That cannot be said for many running backs these days as injuries have become common place.

Injuries will probably be how Turner gets on the field this year if he does. There will be multiple teams who lose their running backs this year and do not trust their backups. No team will sign Turner before the season, though, as that would guarantee his contract and every team has a plan at running back, but come mid-season, teams may be calling. Teams like the New York Giants could be a good candidate with running back Andre Brown hurt. The Giants will not be alone in looking for a new running back as the season goes on, and so while Turner is likely to get a shot, it is impossible to know who will need his services.

Ultimately, Turner’s future in the league is probably his choice. If he is willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum, a team will surely give him a flier. If not, teams will look elsewhere to find their backup running backs.

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