Manning Bowl Is More Special This Time Around

By Andrew Fisher
Manning Bowl
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We’ve never seen a pair of brothers quite like Peyton and Eli Manning. These two will go down as the greatest siblings to ever play the quarterback position in NFL history. Combined, they’ve won three Super Bowls and given opposing defenses fits for years. There are solid arguments to be made for each Manning being the best. If you’re just looking at career numbers, it’s clearly Peyton. If you’re looking at Super Bowl rings, it’s Eli. But regardless of who your favorite brother is, I think all football fans can agree that they’re in for a treat this Sunday.

This contest will mark the third time the QBs have collided. But this time around, it seems a little more special. It’s mainly because we didn’t know if we’d ever get to see the matchup again. Peyton of course had to sit out an entire year after undergoing four neck surgeries and Eli admitted this week that he feared his brother would never be the same again. I think we all had those thoughts, but in typical Petyon fashion, he’s amazed us all with his recovery and subsequent rise back to the top of the league.

This third Manning Bowl is also likely the last one. The NFC East and AFC West don’t play each other again until 2017 and a 41-year old Peyton figures to be retired by then. But at the same time, the door is still open for what would unquestionably be the greatest Manning Bowl of all-time, a Manning Super Bowl.

So as football fans across the country get set to watch the Denver Broncos take on the New York Giants this weekend, they will indeed be looking at it with historical perspective. But when it gets right down to it, the two teams will battle it out just like any other Sunday. That’s the beauty of football. There can be storylines galore going into a contest, but it still all boils down to execution on the field. When it comes to execution, there’s no doubt that Peyton and Eli are two of the best to ever perform their duties in NFL history.


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