Washington Redskins Need to Work on Pass Defense for Week 3

By Michael Terrill
Washington Redskins Need to Work on Pass Defense for Week 3
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be perfectly honest, there are many areas of concern for the Washington Redskins in their first two losses of the 2013 season. Quarterback Robert Griffin III is clearly knocking some rust off and the running game is not where it was a year ago. With that being said, the pass defense is something that absolutely needs work for when the Redskins take on the high-flying Detroit Lions in Week 3.

Washington allowed Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to throw for a whopping 480 passing yards, which tied a franchise record set by Matt Flynn two years ago. What many people may not realize is that his 335 passing yards in the first half set an NFL record. It was a glorious display of how a superior quarterback plays the game.

There is no question the Redskins’ secondary looked lost as Rodgers picked apart the defense. Not a single Washington player defended a pass, which proves just how talented Rodgers is with his ball placement. What also makes things worse is that the Redskins were able to pressure Rodgers frequently as they sacked him four times and posted six quarterback hits.

The good news is Washington is definitely capable of playing a lot better. Getting down early, especially a 24-0 halftime deficit, makes playing more difficult. The Packers built a rhythm while the Redskins just did not look like they wanted to keep playing on defense.

If Washington wants any shot of defeating Detroit next weekend, it is imperative that they do a far better job in pass defense. The Lions can put up just as many yards through the air and just as much points as the Packers did. It is certainly going to be a long week of preparation, but the desire to avoid a 0-3 start should be enough for the defense to come alive.

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