Pittsburgh Steelers Rumors: Antonio Brown Unhappy With Todd Haley

By Andrew Fisher
Antonio Brown
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Things are quickly spiraling out of control for the Pittsburgh Steelers. That will happen when your franchise has a vast storied history of winning and this year’s team starts out 0-2. The Pittsburgh faithful can see the balance of power shifting in the AFC North, after they witnessed the Steelers’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on MNF. During the contest, the Steelers just couldn’t get it together.

Most of their problems lie on the offensive side of the ball. The team was only able to amass 278 total yards of offense, which is just flat out not going to get the job done. One player who was reportedly frustrated by this, was none other than Antonio Brown. The Steelers’ wide receiver was said to have a sideline spat with offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the first half Monday, due to the lack of throws coming his way.

In total, Brown ended up with nine targets and 57 yards receiving, but that apparently isn’t enough.

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The latest rumors out of Steelers’ camp indicate that Brown is still somewhat at odds with Haley. We all know there’s one way to fix this, if indeed they aren’t on the same page – throw him the ball, early and often. There’s no reason not to if you’re Pittsburgh. Brown is clearly the team’s number one option, even though he doesn’t fit into the typical mold of a top guy. It doesn’t mean he can’t perform like one.

Things won’t get any easier for the Steelers in week three. They’re returning home to Pittsburgh, but the ball-hawking Chicago Bears defense is also coming to town. It will be interesting to see how many targets Brown gets and even more interesting to see, if he doesn’t.


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