Jacksonville Jaguars in Trouble if Maurice Jones-Drew Unable to Play

By Michael Terrill
Jacksonville Jaguars in Trouble if Maurice Jones-Drew Unable to Play
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars already have a slim chance to defeat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. If running back Maurice Jones-Drew is not in uniform that chance is zero.

Jones-Drew is listed as questionable, which means the Jaguars should expect a loss. I hate to say that about an NFL team prior to kick off, but I personally do not believe Jacksonville will win a single game this season. They already are missing their best wide receiver and they have no one that can play quarterback. Missing their best overall player on the team gives the Jaguars a guaranteed loss.

The good news is Jacksonville is optimistic Jones-Drew will be able to play. Unfortunately, as of right now, it appears very unlikely that he will. The fact of the matter is the Jaguars are not going to risk his health for a game that the team will have a very limited chance of winning anyways.

“He really wants to play on Sunday, so we’ll be smart with him,” head coach Gus Bradley said, according to Jaguars.com.

“I think what we do like is the progress he’s made from the last two days to today. We figure another day, and then Sunday we will work him out and see how it goes.”

Jones-Drew suffered the ankle injury last week against the Oakland Raiders when Charles Woodson laid a legitimate hit. The injury occurred when Jones-Drew twisted his body awkwardly. Obviously, it is a huge blow for a loyal fan base that has very few things to cheer for this season.

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