Philadelphia Eagles Will Be Ready For Denver Broncos Sunday

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The game against the Denver Broncos is in less than 24 hours, and the air is crisp with anticipation. The experts are laughing at our Philadelphia Eagles, and predicting a colossal blowout of mind-spinning proportions. It will make the victory that much sweeter when Michael Vick wins another shootout at the close of the fourth, and beats Peyton Manning two times in a row.

This not only seems possible, but very probable. The Broncos’ defense is suspect and they have not gone up against a highly-charged, ultra-fast team such as the one that Chip Kelly has put together. The Eagles have the potential, due to the way they have trained all summer, to outlast the Broncos in all areas. Even in the offensive game!

This year, Vick has been solid and has had the most rushing yards for a quarterback this year. The inexperience of the linebackers for the opposing team will show to the world that they can’t handle the offensive force of midnight green. They are going to be tripping all over themselves, straining their brains to decide which really fast player has the ball. Is it LeSean McCoy, Vick or DeSean Jackson? They will be overwhelmed and don’t be surprised if they try to fake injuries to give the defense a rest.

Of all the talk about Manning, the offense of the eagles has been lost under the glaring headlines. That is good. Let the Broncos, their fans and the bandwagon jumpers, build up their confidence and create a false sense of security. The Eagles, for once, do not have the spotlight, so they can just shut up and play ball.

The Broncos will get bashed backward, with Manning having a rare bad game, and the team from the Delaware valley ready to play tomorrow. Look for a lot of hanging sad faces on ESPN after this, because they never learn to stop immortalizing players and teams midway through the season. Go Eagles!

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