Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly's Coaching Suspect Against Denver Broncos

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This is frustrating. The Philadelphia Eagles just got butchered, not just defeated, by the Denver Broncos and the all-seeing eye of Peyton Manning. I expected that if the Broncos pulled off a victory, it would a race to the end zone, but not this senseless violence where they systematically ate the heart of the birds like the savages in, The Temple of Doom.

Yet everyone is talking about the bad defense, the offense, but not the schemes which should have been more imaginative seeing as how Chip Kelly and Billy Davis had 11 days to prepare. Where are they? Where is Kelly’s imagination? He was labeled by the media as a scientific coach using odds and numbers, yet he cannot figure out that maybe you have to use different formations to befuddle a defense.

Think about it. The Eagles have speed, and despite what the Philadelphia radio broadcasters say, there is talent on that side. LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson and three tight ends should be all they need to confuse safeties. Where were the end-arounds, or the wide receiver screens for Jackson? Every time he runs, he proves that he is faster than everybody, so why not send him in motion at the least?

Where are the crazy bunch sets, the screens, the three tight-end formations, or even a simple toss? If there was a game to reveal some top-secret plays, then it was against a scoring machine like the Broncos. They know that the Denver defense is like paper: soft, mushy and pathetic. So why not throw the kitchen sink at the opposing defense?

There is no excuse for Kelly. I don’t care what glib statement or famous quote, he might utter at his press conference — he had time to prepare. A 14-year old playing Madden on the PlayStation could have coached a better game. You have been given the wings and the midnight green, Kelly — now coach like it.

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