All Eyes Will be on Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Mike Glennon

By Michael Terrill
All Eyes Will be on Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Mike Glennon
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers believe it or not, rookie quarterback Mike Glennon is under a tremendous amount of pressure from the outside world. After the entire ugly ordeal with Josh Freeman, everyone outside of the organization is eager to see what the big fuss was all about. Why were the Buccaneers so quick to publicly humiliate Freeman in favor of Glennon? Regardless of the answer, there is no denying that all eyes will be on Glennon in Week 6.

The 23-year-old put forth a decent performance against the Arizona Cardinals last weekend. Unfortunately, it was not good enough to walk away with the win. As much pressure as Glennon was under for his first NFL start, there is no question it will continue to build as the weeks go on.  If he is unable to lead the Buccaneers to their first win of the season any time soon, the fans will grow restless and begin questioning why the organization could not work their problems out with Freeman.

One thing that Glennon will have going for him is an extra week of preparation for the Week 6 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. It will be a good time for him to examine his own performance from Week 4 and focus on what he personally needs to do to help the team be successful.

“It is beneficial, I think, that Mike will get to play a game and then have a bye week to really decipher through it and learn from the experience before he has to play his next game,” head coach Greg Schiano said last week, according to

The Buccaneers have clearly put themselves in an interesting position, which put Glennon in one as a chain reaction. The signal caller would have been under pressure no matter when he got the chance to start. However, the fact is everyone will be dissecting his every play, which means there is little room for error.

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