NFL Rumors: With Money In Mind, League Considering Playoff Expansion for 2015

By Andrew Fisher
Roger Goodell
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Every now and then rumors  pop up about the amount of football being played in the NFL. In the last few years there have talks of expanding the regular season to 18 games and also about expanding the playoffs. So far, the buzz regarding both of those topics has fizzled out and nothing has come of it. But now talk of adding two more teams to the playoffs has reemerged. This comes on the heels of an owners meeting, but at this point, it appears that talk of playoff expansion is just that.

Roger Goodell has acknowledged the idea of adding two teams to the playoffs, but said that it wouldn’t happen until 2015 at the earliest.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the NFL would want to expand the playoffs. The reason is obvious – $$$$$$. But when is enough, enough? Furthermore, the current playoff system is about as good as it gets. Of all the pro and college sports in America, the NFL’s postseason system is by far the best. It’s structured perfectly from top to bottom.

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But in the mind of the Commissioner, expanding the playoffs is a good for fans and good for competition. While you can’t argue the fan part, you can certainly argue the competition part. The NFL already allows 12 of its 32 teams in the playoffs. Two more teams would drive that up to 14, which is nearly half of the league. With a field that large, why not just let everyone in?

Yes, people will say it’s just two more teams, but that’s two too many in my mind. Hopefully, the NFL will chose integrity over profit for once, but we all know that’s not how the sports world works anymore.


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