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Top 5 Quarterbacks in the NFL

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Few positions in the NFL are critiqued and evaluated more than the quarterback position. The quarterback is the key to offensive success and teams look to their quarterback to be an emotional and physical leader on the football field.

A great quarterback has to be able to make smart decisions, not turn the ball over and most importantly, win games for their team. Behind all the glamour, these guys are fantastic athletes and true competitors.

The quarterback position has changed recently, with most teams today not seeking a traditional pocket passer, but a dual-threat player who can run and pass the ball. Though this may be true, the league's best signal callers are still traditional drop back passers. They play the most effectively, due to the fact that they are injured less often than a scrambling quarterback.

Premier quarterbacks are the face of their franchise and put their team in the best possible position to win.

Here is a look at the five best quarterbacks in the league and how they effectively benefit their teams.

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5. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck
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People can start to look at Luck in the same light they look at an all time great. He is "Mr. Clutch".

Luck has lead the Indianapolis Colts to an AFC North best 4-1 record.

He has taken the Colts to victories against powerhouses like the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. He plays tremendously smart football and tucks the ball and runs more effectively than any other quarterback in football.

His track record this season has shown he can take games his own hands and plays near flawless football.

Indianapolis has a great defense and the recent acquisition of Trent Richardson will take a huge load off of Luck.

The Colts have a true shot this year with Luck under center and many people are looking forward to the Week 7 matchup when the Broncos travel to Indianapolis face the Colts.

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4. Tom Brady

Tom Brady
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The New England Patriots have gone 4-1.

Despite the loss yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals, Brady is still Brady.

He leads the Patriots to the playoffs every year. Even though he is playing with less than he has recently -- Wes Welker loss to free agency, and the loss of superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski to injury -- he is still the clutch guy who wins games in New England.

Nobody can get it done with less. He has an uncanny ability to make great decisions and win games throwing the ball to rookies and no name veterans.

Few have the NFL resume that the Patriots quarterback has with three Super Bowl victories and multiple NFL records until his belt.

He will continue to win games for the Patriots, regardless who he has catching the ball.

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3. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
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Although the Green Bay Packers have started the season 2-2, you can't deny the fact that Rodgers has been performing at a high level still.

The Packers are ranked No. 3 in total yards per game with 453.2 yards and third in total points per game with 29.5 points per game and Rodgers has only turned the ball over four times.

He has been the Packers guy since 2008 and that's for good reason. The Packers still have a shot at the playoffs if Rodgers and all of his weapons stay healthy.

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2. Drew Brees

Drew Brees
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The return of Sean Payton to the New Orleans Saints has done a lot for the performance of the Saints gunslinger.

Brees has thrown for 300 yards in his last nine games and lead his rejuvenated team to a 5-0 start. His connection with Jimmy Graham is one that is on pace to break records, not only for passer-to-receiver records, but Graham could have the best season ever for a tight end.

‘‘No. 9 has such great touch, such great timing, so many different throws — like when he’s trying to loop it over a linebacker, or zip it in on a slant route,’’ Graham said. ‘‘I’m blessed to have him.’’

The Saints are quietly becoming the most logical pick to win the NFC.

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1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning
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The Denver Broncos quarterback has consistently played better than any other quarterback in football, with a near flawless passing record this season.

Manning has put on a spectacular performance through the first five weeks of the season leading his team to an undefeated 5-0 start. His 20 touchdowns and single interception are remarkable numbers. His pre-play diagnosis are phenomenal and he picks defenses apart with ease.

He may very well be playing the best football of his life, breaking NFL records and personal records with ease, with what may be the best group of receivers he has ever had.

It's not surprising he is on pace for 5,500 yards and 60 touchdowns this season, both NFL records.

They speak of quarterbacks of a generation; Manning is beyond that. He plays with such presence and has achieved such milestones that when he retires he will be known as the quarterback of the ages.

Manning is the NFL's true general at quarterback and possibly the greatest that has every stepped onto the field.

If he can remain healthy, nobody will stop Denver.

The Broncos have a "Super Bowl or bust" motto and that may very well become a reality if he keeps up this sort of play on the field.