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5 Best Replacement QBs Houston Texans Could Get Right Now

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5 Best Replacement QBs the Houston Texans Could Get Right Now

Matt Schaub
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We all know that Matt Schaub has struggled quite a bit the past few weeks, and understandably a lot of Houston Texans fans are upset with his current streak. A few fans may have taken that frustration a little too far, but most fans are just displeased and are looking for a change, whether that's Schaub returning to the level of play we all know he's capable of, or by moving on to someone else.

Let's take a look at Schaub through these past five weeks, and discuss whether all the alarms going off right now are completely justifiable.

Schaub performed extremely well in his first game in 2013, completing 34 of his 45 passes for 346 yards, three touchdowns and just one interception against the San Diego Chargers. He well outperformed Phillip Rivers, who is returning to a Top 15 quarterback after an abysmal season in 2012.

Schaub has actually played better than every quarterback he's faced in every way... Except turnovers. Against Jake Locker and the Tennessee Titans, he completed 26 of his 48 passes for 298 yards, three touchdowns... And two turnovers. Locker completed 17-of-30 passes for 148 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Against the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco, it was much of the same. Schaub's numbers: 25-of-35, 194 yards, zero TDs and one INT. Flacco's numbers: 16-of-24, 171 yards, zero TDs, zero INTs.

The Seattle Seahawks were also a similar story. Schaub: 31-of-49, 355 yards, two TDs, two INTs. Russell Wilson: 12-of-23, 123 yards, zero TDs, one INT. (I bet anything that if Schaub hadn't thrown that second pick, we wouldn't even be talking about replacing him.)

And last week, Schaub, though he had arguably the worst game in his career (and definitely the worst morality-wise), still outplayed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Schaub completed 19 of his 35 passes for 173 yards, zero TD and three INT. Kaepernick had a touchdown and no interceptions, but he also completed just six passes out of 15 for 113 yards.

Keep in mind that all of Schaub's struggles have come against arguably good defenses. At the time he faced them, the Seahawks were ranked first in passing defense. The Niners were at third when they faced the Texans, and the Ravens have a ridiculous number of sacks and quarterback hits. Still, Schaub's only fault has been turnovers -- but understandably that's one of the worst faults you can have as a quarterback. Even so, I see Schaub being able to turn it around against the St. Louis Rams, ranked 19th in pass defense.

But fans are going to call for Schaub's replacement no matter what happens. So because of that, I assembled a list of the five-best free agent options for an immediate change. I personally don't believe T.J. Yates or Case Keenum would give us much more than Schaub (as Yates threw six interceptions with an arguably healthier offense and a definitely better running game), so let's just talk about free agents.

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5. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow
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If you've been with us through the preseason, then you probably already read my take on why Tim Tebow would never be a Houston Texan. He's already played for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and New England Patriots, though the Jets barely let him on the field and the Pats cut him before the regular season even started.

Tebow is a great guy and a natural leader, but the Texans already have a bunch of character guys with leadership skills on the team. It would also be a major step backwards in terms of accuracy, as Tebow has a career completion percentage of just 47.9 percent in the NFL. Schaub has a career completion percentage of 63.7 percent.

Tebow had one pretty good season with the Broncos, but then they decided to move on from him to Peyton Manning, which is probably the best decision a team has made in quite a while.

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4. Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart
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Matt Leinart was supposed to be the next big thing when he was drafted 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals. Instead, he lost his starting job with the Cards to Kurt Warner, who showed that particular team had enough talent at other positions to go to a Super Bowl.

Since then, Leinart has bounced around the NFL, playing for the Texans in 2011 and for the Oakland Raiders in 2012. He played in parts of two games for the Texans in 2011 when Schaub received his Lisfranc injury, and in 2012 he played behind Carson Palmer.

Leinart would be a big step backwards in leadership and character for the Texans, as he has had problems with drug use and baby mama drama. His completion percentage with the Raiders last year was just 48.5 percent. He was cut by the Buffalo Bills in the preseason.

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3. Trent Edwards

Trent Edwards
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Trent Edwards played for the Bills for the first four seasons of his career, but due to injury missed almost half of his possible starts. The Jacksonville Jaguars picked him up part way through 2010, was signed and then released by the Oakland Raiders during the 2011 preseason and then signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in February of 2012 and won the third string job there. He played in the preseason, and then was cut in April 2013. The Chicago Bears signed him in August, and let him go about a week later.

Edwards has lost competitions to Ryan Fitzpatrick before, so I wouldn't think he'd be a step up from Schaub. He has a career completion percentage of 60.6 percent, and has more turnovers in his career (40) than he has touchdowns (26).

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2. Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn
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Matt Flynn managed to turn one good game against the Detroit Lions into a huge payday, so at least the guy has a lot of tenacity and charisma. But whether or not he's a starting quarterback is a whole other argument.

Flynn has perhaps the least experience out of any quarterbacks on this list, but he also has one of the greatest single game performances as a quarterback in the history of the NFL. Against the Lions he led the Green Bay Packers to victory with 31-of-44 passing for 480 yards, six touchdowns and just one interception.

Even so, Flynn isn't that great, as he lost his starting job and big contract with the Seahawks to Russell Wilson, and then lost his starting job with the Oakland Raiders to Terrelle Pryor. He wouldn't be any better than Schaub, that's for sure.

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1. Vince Young

Vince Young
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Perhaps the best quarterback available right now -- and certainly a fan favorite as a hometown hero -- is Vince Young. As almost anyone remembers, Young was perhaps the greatest quarterback that the University of Texas ever had, and probably should have won the Heisman Trophy in 2005. He did have one of the best performances in a NCAA National Championship game I've ever seen, and because of that was drafted third overall by the Titans.

Young wowed in his first few seasons with the Titans, putting up big numbers and winning several memorable matchups against the Texans (who pissed him and the Texans' fan base off by drafting Mario Williams instead of him). He was severely hurt in 2009, but had a streak of come-from-behind victories in 2009 and it seemed like he couldn't lose. But in 2010 he struggled again, and was benched.

In 2011 he was signed by the Eagles, and proclaimed the best backup in football behind Michael Vick. Since then though he's struggled to find a place to call home, spending time on the rosters of the Bills and Packers before being cut again this preseason by the Packers.

Young would definitely get the fans' attention, and he definitely has a special gift that helps him win even when he may not be the best athlete on the field. But in the end I think the Texans would struggle more with him than they do with Schaub. At this point in the season, I think it's Schaub or bust. Even if the Texans make a move, it'll just be patching a submarine with a screen door.