Seattle Seahawks Should Bring Back Fullback Michael Robinson

By Todd Pheifer
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks need to bring back a guy who will be very familiar in the locker room. Seattle should re-sign former fullback Michael Robinson and add him back to the family. It just makes too much sense.

Understand that this would not be a sentimental move. There are few, if any, sentimental moves in the NFL. The Seahawks need a fullback as Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware are both hurting. Robinson is available, and he would be a great fit. It may just be about passing a physical and working out the terms of a contract.

It isn’t like the ‘Hawks didn’t want Robinson on the roster this season. The decision to cut Robinson before the start of the season was a reflection of how business gets done in the NFL. When you are 30 years old and making $2.5 million, you are susceptible to getting cut, even if you are still valuable to the team. In other words, the Seahawks made a tough decision but essentially went younger and cheaper.

If the Seahawks bring Robinson in, they will have a guy that already knows the system and has a rapport with Marshawn Lynch. In addition, Robinson has already played a year with Russell Wilson, so getting back into the groove will not be very hard.

It would also say something if Robinson wanted to come back after the team let him go. Perhaps he will go to anyone that is willing to give him a job, but sometimes guys are hesitant to return after being cut.

Granted, it might be a short-lived fix if the other fullbacks get healthy, but for now this makes sense. Bring back the Real Rob Report.

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