Santonio Holmes Likely Entering Final Stretch With New York Jets

By Nick Mamary
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

There are still a lot of angles to watch during these last seven New York Jets games.

One thing to watch out for is receiver Santonio Holmes and his future in New York. A few years ago, he represented the missing piece of a serious Super Bowl contender. The Jets now were reduced to struggling with a lack of serious weapons. Jeremy Kerley brings excitement from the slot, but really does not reside in the elite category as an outside target. Holmes stood apart in clutch movements during the 2010 season. Attitude problems, however, derailed him from further success. He yelled at Mark Sanchez two years ago, showing a true diva receiver side, and it suddenly occurred to everyone why they basically got him for a Snickers bar.

Chemistry is important, especially when another rookie quarterback has taken over. Smith needs positive role models with him in the locker room. Players in the NFL get paid a lot of money, and for some, it goes straight to their head. Holmes definitely has suffered from a case of extreme ego.

David Nelson and Josh Cribbs came in at a good time when depth lacked badly. The problem is, neither truly represents a No. 1 option. Doubt to whether or not he will return will follow in 2014. However, money comes into play, as he counts $10 million against New York’s salary cap. This is now a young team in transition, and as fortunes improve record wise, there is a shot that Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Mathews, or someone on that level, replaces Holmes.

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