Why Would Chicago Bears Ever Clear Jay Cutler Early?

By Tony Tranghese
“Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports”

Why are the Chicago Bears rushing Jay Cutler back? Isn’t he in a contract year? Don’t they hope that he’ll be around to play for a few more seasons?

If I’m Cutler, I’m coming back to get my job back. If I’m the Bears, won’t this just create more controversy? If the guy plays poorly, there is no way he is going to get the support that he needs from the fans to keep his job. They may as well just hand it over to Josh McCown now.

Now if I’m Cutler, there is no way I’m sitting on the bench in a contract year while McCown goes out and makes Bears fans doubt my ability. If McCown continues to play well, where does that leave Cutler? It’s not like he has been beloved by fans anywhere.

This can play out a few ways. Cutler can go out there and have himself a game and make Bears fans forget that McCown is a suitable backup or replacement. Who knows, maybe he signs his extension after today. On the other hand, if this doesn’t go well, not only will Cutler jeopardize his career with the Bears, but he may jeopardize his future with another team.

I’ll be rooting for Cutler even if people in Chicago aren’t. There’s something about him. Maybe it’s the fact that nothing looks like it ever bothers him, or maybe it’s the fact that the guy will wing the ball anywhere and doesn’t care if its a touchdown or a pick-six.

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