Miami Dolphins Rumors: Players Fined Jonathan Martin For Being 'Soft'

By Andrew Fisher
Jonathan Martin
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been hearing the word ‘soft’ in connection with Jonathan Martin for the last two weeks now. The Miami Dolphins‘ LT left the team following a cafeteria prank, but as we’ve learned, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous reports have come out since Martin left the team and nearly all of them indicate that he was being subjected to lots of questionable things from teammates. Now, a report has emerged stating that Dolphins players were fining Martin because of his softness.

Jim Trotter of SI is reporting the following:

“I spoke to one player who was on the Dolphins the last couple of years, and we were speaking about Jonathan Martin, and he said that the Dolphins have what they call a ‘sensitivity fine’, and it’s for players that they deem to be soft on or off the field. And he said that they repeatedly targeted Jonathan Martin for that to the point that one time, whether it was playful or not, they even talked about fining him a game check because he was so soft.”

So one could conclude from this report that Richie Incognito was not solely behind the ‘bullying’ of Martin. It appears that many of the players bought in to the idea of the Stanford grad being too soft for the NFL. If this report turns out to be true, it would be devastating for Joe Philbin, other coaches and potentially front office personnel. A locker room culture that allows (knowingly or unknowingly) fining of players for being soft, is not going to fly with Roger Goodell.

We’ll have to see if this latest report is proven to be accurate, but after all that’s come out in the last two weeks, it won’t be surprising to learn that it is.


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