Oakland Raiders: Matt McGloin's Start A Step In the Right Direction

By Jesse Oakley
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the NFL season, the Oakland Raiders quarterback situation was, well, interesting to say the least. Everyone thought that newly-acquired quarterback Matt Flynn would be the starting quarterback, with Terrelle Pryor as the backup. Then there was Matt McGloin.

If you’re asking yourself who the heck Matt McGloin is, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. McGloin is a undrafted rookie from Penn State, and wasn’t even considered for the second-string role at the beginning of the season. When preseason came around though, McGloin started to show he was worth at last that.

With Terrelle Pryor out with a bum knee and illness keeping him back in Oakland, McGloin finally got the start he deserved. He went 18-of-32 for 197 yards and a touchdown yesterday against the Houston Texans — pretty good for a first career start.

Pryor is mostly likely still the Raiders’ leader on offense, but McGloin definitely made a statement in yesterday’s game. If Pryor is still out for next week, McGloin will have another chance to seize the starting job. Starting McGloin is definitely a step in the right direction.

On a side note, another Raider that might be out of a job would be Darren McFadden, potentially being replaced by Rashad Jennings, who had 22 carries for 150 yards. McFadden is currently in the last year of his contract with the Raiders, and he might be leaving if Jennings keeps it up.

McGloin is definitely better than Flynn, who was cut by the Raiders; given enough time, he might prove he’s better than Pryor too.

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