Kansas City Chiefs Need to Quit Playing it Safe

By Jonathan W. Crowell
Derek Wolfe, Alex Smith
Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports

So long to a season’s perfect record. The 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs have finally had to relinquish the honor of being the only undefeated team in the NFL this season, after losing 27-17 to quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos Sunday. The so-called “most-anticipated game of the season” was a heartbreaker for Chiefs fans in more ways than one.

Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith has a bit of a reputation for being somewhat risk-averse, and head coach Andy Reid has trusted him so far. This approach showed itself all too flagrantly on Sunday in Denver, when it could have been the perfect opportunity to show us all, including critics and naysayers, what the Chiefs are really made of. Unfortunately, the naysayers have now is more fuel for their fire about how the Chiefs really aren’t that great. They could very well be wrong, but Kansas City gave them no reason to think or believe otherwise.

The past few weeks have seen the Chiefs off the rock star game that got them going to begin with this season. They stayed way too much on the safe side.

Why didn’t they have running back Jamaal Charles run the ball right down Denver’s throats again, and again, and again?

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The defense really showed up — mostly. They did manage nicely to keep the Broncos (who happen to sport the best offense in the league) far beneath their 42.1 P/PG average. Sadly, for a defense that has prided itself on most forced turnovers and sacks in the league, it was a pretty sterile game to watch. They made Manning look like he had a force field around him.

As for the offense — not so great. They are still in a coming-into-their-own process. The problem is, they are running out of time for this season, and fans were hoping they could have seen something congeal more solidly by the time the game with Denver arrived, especially after the Chiefs’ bye week. Dwayne Bowe actually had a decent game himself, after spending all week in the public opinion doghouse following his arrest for speeding and marijuana possession the previous Sunday.

The Chiefs will meet the San Diego Chargers on Sunday at Arrowhead, and then again at home this time, will meet up with the Broncos the following Sunday. The AFC West title is still within Kansas City’s reach, but they will need to tighten things up quite a bit.

So, Kansas City fans were left disappointed, and rightfully so. Hopefully the Chiefs themselves were disappointed enough, too.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Go big, or go home.”

The Chiefs started this season with animalistic momentum. Maybe they will learn something from this loss and start taking more risks before it’s too late.

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