New York Giants: Mathematically, Not Realistically Alive for Playoffs

By Aaron Charles
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the controversial ending in which the referees screwed the pooch, the New York Giants got a nice win on the road against the Washington Redskins on Sunday Night Football. As Washington was marching down the field on a potential game-tying drive, the refs couldn’t decide whether the Redskins gained a first down or not, and changed their mind after third down was played out, altering the Redskins’ play calling. The odds of Washington coming back weren’t that great, and winning doesn’t really help the 3-9 team in the long run anyway.

Regardless, with the help of the refs the Giants were able to move their record to 5-7, which is just two games behind the division lead with four left to play. From that view, it would seem the G-Men still have a chance at the NFC East, but looking closer it’s pretty clear their recent success is too little, too late.

You have a better chance at winning the lottery, while being simultaneously struck by lightning and attacked by a shark, than New York has at making the postseason. Yes they are only two games behind, but they trail two teams and don’t get a chance to play either one of them again. On top of that, the two teams they trail, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, play each other which will give one of those teams one of the two wins they would need to put the Giants down.

The tiebreakers are not in New York’s favor, as they’ve lost both games to Dallas, split their games with Philly, and have a worse division record than both teams. Hoping for a complete collapse from one team is one thing, but hoping for two is just unrealistic. As long as they aren’t mathematically eliminated, there is technically still hope but realistically speaking, the Giants are playing purely for pride right now.

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