10 Reasons Why the Seattle Seahawks are the Most Hateable Team in the NFL

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The Seattle Seahawks are currently one of the most hateable teams in the NFL. That really shouldn't surprise anyone at this point, but Seattle seems to relish this underdog mentality. Many NFL fans complain that the Seahawk players are overly loud and cocky, and Richard Sherman did not help to counter that image for the current Seahawk haters.

When a team is generally hated in the NFL, it normally comes down to some of the personalities in the organization. While Pete Carroll is viewed as a positive guy and the players seem to love him, Carroll is viewed by many to have ruined an entire college football program. When facing the possibility of a reprimand, he just fled to the NFL.

Some of the players who do not sit well with the NFL fans are Russell Wilson, Sherman, Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch. When you are bombarded by announcers of how underrated Wilson is, and how much Lynch loves skittles, you can get pretty sick of Seattle very quickly. Fantasy football players are also known for their grudges, and Harvin has turned many fantasy owners into Seattle haters this year.

If you want to pick one of the biggest reasons why Seattle is so highly hated, it is normally because of the defense. From performance enhancing drug scandals to taunting and over celebrating, the defense can give you plenty of reasons to be a hater.

Everyone has a team that they absolutely hate, but here are 10 reasons why Seattle has become one of the most hated teams in the entire NFL.

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Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll
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Pete Carroll ran away from a program that he helped destroy.

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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning
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Almost every single person outside of Seattle wants Peyton Manning to win.

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Seahawks 12th Man

Seahawks 12th Man
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It is great that the fans are so involved, but we have heard enough about how loud the stadium is. It is loud. We get it.

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Marshawn Lynch and His Skittles

Marshawn Lynch
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Between fans throwing Skittles on the field and announcers always talking about it, we all know what to get Marshawn Lynch for Halloween.

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Seattle Celebrations

Seattle Celebration
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like Seattle has to celebrate after every single play.

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Seattle and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Under the short tenure of Carroll, Seattle is becoming know for their performance enhancing drug issues.

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The Golden Tate Touchdown

Golden Tate
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

If you hated Golden Tate for catching that touchdown on Monday night football, you probably still hate him.

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Percy Harvin and Fantasy Football Injury

Percy Harvin
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin burned a few fantasy owners this year, and those owners will not be rooting for Seattle.

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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson seems like a decent guy, but I think everyone is sick of hearing that he is underrated. He is in the Super Bowl, so the underrated dialogue can stop.

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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman
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If you wanted any reason to hate Seattle at all, Richard Sherman answered your prayers. Whether you agree or disagree with how Sherman acted, he provided those looking for a reason to hate Seattle with a pretty good target.



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  • justin lecroy

    You made some good points but as a whole I have to disagree. I actually love a lot of things Hawks do that you complain about. I’m an AU and Raider first of all. I love the passion they play with. I love how Pete has fun and lets his guys have fun. I love the style of play. They are hard-hitting, physical, old-school team. Remind me of some old school Raider teams. I like how they aren’t PC all the time. All the people bitch about boring teams, cliché filled interviews, and don’t like how teams aren’t truthful at interviews. Then when someone does people bitch about that. I love Beast Mode and Sherman. I do understand you saying about getting tired of hearing skittles, Wilson, 12th man and all that. I get sick of all the stuff they run in the ground especially during SB run. I get tired of hearing about PM legacy, the weather, and all that BS. No way in hell I’ll ever root for PM or Denver win. I wish the Hawks would stomp them out. I understand class and all that to a point. I hate it when guys throw teammates under bus but I could care less what anyone says about other teams and players. I think it’s good to have some bad blood and honesty for a change instead of all this “Oh we’re great friends” and all that BS when they don’t mean it. People have went overboard with Sherman especially the thug label. I don’t like how he said it was new N-word b/c I’ve just thought of thugs as bad people and criminals. He had a great degree, is very smart and never been in trouble. He doesn’t take cheap shots and he backs his words up.If he sucked and talked big I would hate on him. Why does Crab and 49ers get a pass. They are the mouthiest team around. JH doesn’t have “class”. People talk all the time he just did it live. He doesn’t hurt his team and they truly like being around him. Boldin (who I like), Kap and them talk BS all the time. Boldin gets out of penalties all the time. Kap mocked Cam at Carolina. When RS says Kap choked it was awful. Crab is a jerk diva. I believe RS over him Crab’s always me first going back to TT. I know Crab isn’t sorry but he’s not top15 WR. RS is second best at worst for his pos. I guarantee if you gave coaches a chance to trade for one RS would be it. At the end of that game RS went up said “good game” stuck his hand out and punk Crab punched him. Why was there no flag or criticism for that? If people say RS was unprofessional what about Crab for throwing punch? The other reason why RS went off was Crab said that RS wasn’t a top CB in the league earlier in the week. That shows his “class”. Anyway sure most disagree with me which is fine. I liked the article would love to debate more. I wish more people comment and would like to see writers respond. TY again and GO HAWKS!!! I hope RS gets 3 pick six and MVP LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • Farva55

      Separate your thoughts, my goodness.

      • justin lecroy

        It’s a message board. I just wrote as I was thinking various things. I wasn’t doing a book report with a rough draft. It’s not that big of a deal. TY for reading and responding.

    • Jack Delaney

      Hey Justin thanks for the comments! I think you are right on point saying that things are covered so much that people just become sick of it, and I really wanted to just showcase what non Seattle fans may be sick of hearing. Those types of things like the Skittle and 12th man are little quirks that really do bring a city together, but for people looking on the outside they may think that too much focused is placed on that.

      As a Baltimore Raven’s fan, I know everyone was sick of hearing about the Harbaugh Bowl, Ray Lewis and his dancing, Terrell Suggs and his ball so hard university, etc. If I was not a Baltimore fan, I know I would probably hate the Ravens because of the media covering and talking about these things over and over again.Again, I could see why people hate these things, but those type of things make the games and players special to the fan. If you are not a fan of the team, then you probably hate it.

      I agree with you on San Fran to. I know Anquan Boldin is a talker, and there are always two sides to every story. Luckily for Seattle that they get to write how the story is going to go, and Crabtree and Harbaugh will be sitting on the couch.

      This wasn’t meant to be any sort of attack on Seattle whatsoever, it was meant to showcase the reasons that people may hate them. Whether anyone disagrees or not, it allows for a good discussion such as this.

      Cheers Justin!

  • TJJ

    This list is bogus. Wanting Peyton Manning to win is a reason to “hate” the Seahawks? They don’t celebrate any more than any other team (well, maybe they do because they’ve had more to celebrate)…and you should hate Russell Wilson because announcers talk about him being underrated “too much”? The reasons, and this list, are half ass – filler, filler, filler.

    • justin lecroy

      TY glad someone else sees it the same way. I understand him saying people get tired of skittles, 12th man, and hearing Wilson underrated but that’s dumb to say you hate them b/c of it. My point is I get tired of hearing about Manning legacy, who the weather helps, Knowshown crying, and all that crap. The media runs everything in the ground on both sides. That’s one of the bad things about SB. They have 2 weeks and no other games to talk about so they say the same shit you heard 1000 times already. By the way screw Manning, Denver, and Elway. I’m a huge Hawks fan for that day. If Denver wins we will get sick of hearing it for sure then. Go Wilson, Beast Mode, and Richard Sherman get the win and MVP!!!!

    • Jack Delaney

      Hey TJJ,

      The average NFL fan wants Peyton Manning to get another ring, and the Seattle defense is going to be a major roadblock. People are going to hate how tough the Seattle D is, and they will not like to see Peyton struggle at all.

      Russell Wilson is extremely athletic and talented, but you can argue that he was overlooked because of Andrew Luck and RG3. Anyone who follows the NFL by now knows that Russell Wilson is talented. Perhaps it is from a guilty conscience or a bandwagon type of deal, but the announcers are still saying that the guy is underrated.

      Along with the ped scandals, Pete Carroll leaving USC before things got bad, Richard Sherman rubbing people the wrong way, and Golden Tate helping to get the regular officials back to work, all of these reasons are why Seattle can be viewed as a hateable team.

      Thanks for the comments!

  • Oknamn

    So basically the most overrated player in the entire NFL is a reason to hate the Seahawks? Sounds like someone’s bitter because Seattle has an awesome defense and they won the Superbowl.