Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Bill Callahan Being Kept to Become Interim Head Coach

By Jeric Griffin
Bill Callahan interim head coach Cowboys
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With the Dallas Cowboys recently hiring Scott Linehan as their passing game coordinator and offensive play-caller, it’s obvious something is wrong in the DFW. Well, not really because Jerry Jones makes stupid decisions all the time but in this case, bringing in a third offensive play-caller in as many years actually may serve an ulterior purpose, even though it seems stupid since he didn’t get rid of either of the previous two. Believe it or not, Bill Callahan is apparently Jerry’s first choice as Jason Garrett’s replacement should he crash and burn in the final year of his contract.

So basically, Jerry is loading up on head coaching options so he can just go through them like drawers this season if need be. Yeah, all that horse radish about confidence in his coaching staff is absurd, just like it always is. Heck, Jerry fired Wade Phillips midseason in 2010 less than a week after he said he wouldn’t until the end of the year.

But why Callahan as the next head coach? Did Jerry not see his awful play-calling during the 2013 NFL season? What makes him think Callahan will do any better at making even more important decisions that affect the entire team?

The term “too many cooks in the kitchen” has already been used way too much regarding this situation, but it applies because the Cowboys now have way too many opinions trying to be voiced on the offensive side and they are apparently preparing to file through head coaches if need be this year.

And let’s not forget Dallas is still stuck with moronic defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin as well with no other options available at the moment, even though Garrett already suggested the play-calling duties would be stripped from Kiffin in 2014. So theoretically, the Cowboys could end up with five total “coordinators” for the upcoming season with no one really sure of who is calling the plays. Why? Well, Callahan was “the play-caller” in 2013, yet Garrett designated himself to relay those calls to Tony Romo and Lord knows he changed a few here and there, if not all the time. That means whoever is appointed to call the defensive plays likely won’t do it for the entire season, either.

So at some point this year, Callahan will be the Cowboys’ interim head coach. Yes, it’s “when” (not if) because Dallas will do something stupid to blow an easy game as it always does and Jerry will get so upset that he’ll fire Garrett and then expect his 8-8 team to win the Super Bowl the next year with yet another new head coach. Gosh, this is exhausting. Where’s Jimmy Johnson when you need him? Oh, that’s right…

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