Top 5 Underdog Teams to Win the Super Bowl

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Top 5 Underdog Teams To Win the Super Bowl

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Who doesn't love a good underdog story? Well, I guess they're not for everybody, but an underdog can really spice up a sports matchup. You can argue that an underdog sports storyline is more intriguing than a storyline involving two top teams. It depends on personal preference, but I'll take a good underdog story any day of the week.

The theory behind any sports tournament is to get the top two teams to face off in the finals. Ideally, sports leagues want the best matchup they can get. That can get skewed depending on what kind of market the teams play in, but for the most part, leagues want the matchups that will draw in the most eyes. That doesn't always happen with the Super Bowl.

For a period of time, the Super Bowl had a bad reputation in terms of the quality of the games. Several SBs in the 1980s were very one-sided and the big game certainly didn't qualify as must-see TV. But now in 2014, that's all changed. Fans have been treated to nothing but awesome games for many years now. You have to go back to Super Bowl XLI to find the last game that was pretty one-sided. The then Peyton Manning-led Colts defeated the Bears 29-17.

This year we have an underdog team and it's not just for the sake of having one. The Broncos are rightly favored over the Seahawks, but the oddsmakers got this one right. It's the Broncos by -2.5, which is more than fair. The high-flying Broncos should win the game, but no one will be surprised if Seattle pulls the upset.

So what teams pulled the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, and who were the biggest underdogs in Super Bowl history? Let's take a look:

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Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl XLVII

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While the Ravens were only 3.5 point underdogs in SB 47, they were the ultimate team of destiny. The 2012 Ravens nearly missed the playoffs, but they got in and they also got their leader back. With Ray Lewis' return, came one of the most improbable SB runs in history.

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Denver Broncos - Super Bowl XXXII

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Looking back, you couldn't have asked for a better SB matchup. Favre's Packers against Elway's Broncos. But at the time, the Packers were expected to cruise to their second straight title (11 point favorites). What unfolded, though, was one of the greatest upsets in SB history. Elway got his first ring, while Favre was left with a game that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

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New England Patriots - Super Bowl XXXVI

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The Greatest Show on Turf clashed with Tom Brady's Patriots back in 2002. At the time, they had just become Brady's team and he wasn't even close to a household name. The Rams were two touchdown favorites in SB 36, but they ended up losing on a last-second Adam Vinatieri field goal. It was a field goal that started a dynasty in New England.

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New York Giants - Super Bowl XLII

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After running the table in the 2007 regular season, the Patriots were heavy favorites over the Giants in SB 42 (12 points). But after some late-game magic by Eli Manning and David Tyree, the Pats left the big game in a state of shock.

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New York Jets - Super Bowl III

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Even after all these years, Super Bowl III still sets the underdog standard. The Jets were 18-point dogs to the Colts. 18 points! However, Joe Namath would not be denied. He led the Jets to the biggest upset in SB history (16-7 final score) and firmly established himself as a legend.