Should Detroit Lions’ Reggie Bush Expect To Play Five More Years?

By Chris Loud
Reggie Bush
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The Detroit LionsReggie Bush had a good first season with the Lions, and if it wasn’t for injuries, it would have been great. The combination of Bush and Joique Bell proved to be a key asset to the team during the first half of the season when their offense was clicking and when they weren’t spiraling into mediocrity (see end of the season).

Bush has recently become one of the more vocal Lions players in the offseason, commenting on poor discipline from the players, admitting faults of the coaching staff, and hoping Jim Caldwell will come in and change the “culture” of the Lions. There may be differing opinions on whether or not Bush’s approach to the media, regarding his comments about his team, is taking the right approach as a veteran leader who is new to the squad. However, one thing is for certain, what he is saying is coming from a player who cares.

Bush recently stated that he’d like to play for another five years. Again, that’s somebody who cares about what he wants to do as a professional football player. He’s not done, by any means, at least in his mind. That’s the kind of player that is great for the Lions. There are some backs in the league that keep producing who are as old as Bush, but even fewer playing efficiently who are just a few years older. However, it’s that veteran leadership that the Lions should hope to gain from for the rest of Bush’s career.

I’m glad Bush wants to play for five more years and I think he can do it. However, most people will say he can’t because of his past injuries. I think he has grown into a smart man and a true leader, and he’ll figure out a way to be productive later in his career. He makes the team better, whether he’s on the field or not.

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