Could The NHL Lockout Save Chris Pronger's Career?

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James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

For the blue line of the Philadelphia Flyers, it really has been nothing but bad news this summer. They’ve lost players to injury and to free agency, and the news surrounding Chris Pronger seems to get worse by the day. Which is why this NHL lockout could actually bring a bit of positive news for the Flyers.

For much of the summer, it has looked like the career of Chris Pronger is over. His issues with concussions, which have derailed him since last season, have taken their toll and thrown his entire career up in the air.

Even now, near the end of September, Pronger is still feeling the effects of the concussion that ended his season last year. He hasn’t been able to resume physical play yet, and his workouts have been inconsistent because of the fact that he’s still feeling the symptoms.

The career of Chris Pronger may very well be over. It’s hard to see him returning to the ice when he’s still having issues this long after the initial one took place. But this lockout may have brought some renewed optimism for Pronger.

If the season was set to start on time, I’d say there was no way Pronger was going to play. Not with the issues he’s still facing. But this lockout has earned him a bit of extra time, potentially into November or December. That could play into Pronger’s favor, and we could see him return to the ice this season.

It’s still a longshot, given where he currently stands, but it does bring a new reason for optimism for Chris Pronger being able to resume his Hall of Fame career, nonetheless.