Milan Lucic Says Break Up With Your Bank

By Emma Harger
Milan Lucic really doesn’t like having to pay fees for using his bank. Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins is mostly sticking around Boston during the NHL lockout. He recently traveled to New York City for CBA negotiation meetings, but appears to have left before the big snowstorm arrived and started covering the city like frosting on a cake. He does have a good reason for staying local, though–his pregnant wife Brittany, who is due next month.

So in the meantime, what’s a locked-out player to do? Raise awareness for the benefits of credit unions over banks, of course.

Lucic did a commercial for the Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers Credit Union (or just NWTM for short) where he dumps his big bank for not being beneficial to him. In it, he runs into big fees when he interacts with an “Acme U.S. Bank” account (maybe that’s the same organization that finances all those stunts and objects for Wile E. Coyote–or maybe not). Then, fed up with all manner of fees, he practices a breakup speech in the mirror and heads over to an NWTM branch to make the breakup official.

(I personally like the little touch of the Bruins Mr. Potato Head sitting on the desk at the beginning.)

While Lucic may not be looking to pursue an acting career when his hockey career ends, he does make a good point: credit unions are often ideal alternatives to banking. Credit unions are owned by their members, often have really good rates for lending and credit and don’t aim for doing whatever will produce the most profit for the union itself. As a result, you’ll often see fewer fees–if any–for things like using your debit card or merely holding an account.

I’m not just saying that as a member of a credit union, though.

This isn’t the first time Lucic has been in the spotlight for a local business. He’s also advertised a heating and cooling business partly through his tough guy persona:

(“Drop the stick.”)

The Bruins are no stranger to the allure of local television commercials.

Brad Marchand did a spot for the Pure Hockey outlets located throughout Massachusetts. Considering the state of things right now, perhaps he should go back to the store and ask the managers if he can get some hours again.

Shawn Thornton also used his tough guy image to help advertise a car dealership:

I would be remiss without mentioning the two commercials Tim Thomas did, one for the Discover credit card (yes, the Peggy one) and one for an insurance company:

Even Bobby Orr got in the action back in 1995. Check out the hilariously dated clothes, car and Seinfeld-esque music:

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