Teemu Selanne and Jaromir Jagr continue to defy time with numbers

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports


The fountain of youth. It’s what all of us hope for when we reach a certain age. Teemu Selanne and Jaromir Jagr continue to bask in it with ease at the ages of 42 and nearly 41.

Last night’s match-up between the Anaheim Ducks and the Dallas Stars should’ve been the only game fans watched. In fact, somehow it was the only game scheduled on Friday night.

Most saw this match-up between two Pacific Division teams and came up with a plethora of other ideas on how to spend their night. If I weren’t a Ducks’ fan or getting paid to watch the game, I’d probably do the same. For the people who watched it they saw the NHL‘s two leading active scorers on the same rink at American Airlines Center.

In actuality, they witnessed two European hockey phenoms who continue to break records.

The Ducks are a red hot club that had a 7-1-1 record while the Stars were a .500 club at 5-5-1. Though it didn’t show on the box score, both teams rely heavily on the two future Hall of Fame wingers who both continue to remain a threat for opponents and average just under 20 minutes of play.

It’s easy to catch yourself marveling at Selanne and Jagr. It’s rare to witness such finesse in their age bracket. The nearly 41-year-old Jagr has tallied 668 goals and 1,661 points throughout his 18 year tenure. Selanne is in Jagr’s rearview mirror with 666 goals and 1,416 points. Jagr is tied for 10th in overall goals along with Luc Robitaille while Selanne sits in 12th.

“It’s good to see old guys can still do it,” Selanne said. But these two don’t just “still do it.” They can still out skate, out smart and out play many others in the league.

Neither show signs of slowing down this season, which is a blessing considering the rumors slowly circling around southern California of Selanne opening up a restaurant and retiring after this year. He also has four kids, so it makes sense for him to hang them up. As for Jagr, I haven’t heard a word on his predicted retirement or what his personal life entails.

What I do know is some of my fondest hockey memories include these two All Stars. They really are the quintessence of a true leader.


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