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Nashville Predators’ Biggest Playoff Challenge Is Explaining To Nashville Residents How Icing Works

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It’s on your favorite cakes and cookies, but aside from the playing surface, how does it apply to hockey? That’s the question Nashville Predators fans have been struggling with as the team prepares to enter the Western Conference playoffs with their highest seed in franchise history.

Graceland and barbecue aren’t exactly synonymous with icing in any sense of the word. This is leaving fans wondering what chapters they missed in the rule books of their other favorite sports, like fielding in football or wooding in basketball. You can see how this would leave a perplexing look on the faces of residents used to seeing just six inches of snow per year in their neck of the woods.

So in an effort to help illuminate their fans in preparation for the postseason, the Predators have put together worksheets to facilitate the learning process. These include diagrams of where a puck must be located on a clearance for icing to apply as well as examples from calls in previous games that once upon a time left these same fans bewildered.

This budding hockey hotbed will soon be offering seminars for fans still confused by the icing rules in an effort to prepare them for what the team hopes will be a deep playoff run. The last thing Preds supporters want is to be caught cheering when they should be disappointed after an icing whistle. To avoid this potential embarrassment, the franchise has come out with all hands on deck to help their fans feel more comfortable in the area.

But forget trying to tell these fans that the rules work differently when you’re shorthanded. Then they would also have to learn what THAT means.

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