Anaheim Ducks Made A Huge Mistake By Trading Max Friberg

By Derek Kortepeter

News broke on Thursday that the Anaheim Ducks had acquired goalie Dustin Tokarski from the Montreal Canadiens. This was in trade for Ducks (and current San Diego Gulls) winger Max Friberg. Anaheim’s management has proven that they truly have their priorities in a twist with this deal. Friberg is a talented forward who could make great progress in the NHL with more experience. His skill with puck-handling and shooting makes him a valuable offensive asset. He simply just needed more time to grow within the Anaheim franchise.

Instead of that, the Ducks have kicked the forward out of the franchise for another goalie. Yes, Tokarski is a great goalie, but Anaheim already has great goalies. If it were not for the solid puck-stopping by Frederik Andersen, John Gibson and Anton Khudobin, I firmly believe there would be more losses than there are currently for Anaheim. Goalie trades should be ideally held off until the season ends to see who is the best fit for the club. Even factoring in a goalie trade, it still does not explain trading away a promising young player like Friberg.

If Anaheim really wants to start shaking things up before the trade deadline, they need to look at both their AHL and NHL squads and start moving players around to get better sniping forwards and stronger depth defensemen who can help the goalie out like defensive players should. Doing this should fill in the holes that are causing the Ducks to win by the skin of their teeth and lose by massive point differentials.

Whatever nonsense is going on with Bob Murray and the rest of the Anaheim front office needs to be resolved quickly. Hopefully more positive trades and less boneheaded ones will come in the future.

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