Anaheim Ducks Are Finally Looking Like Contenders

By Derek Kortepeter

As time has gone on in the 2015-16 season, the Anaheim Ducks have had moments of brilliance to counteract their horrible season start. It was clear that all of the tools were there to create a winning record, but somehow the execution was not consistent. Lately, however, this has been changing. Whereas the goaltending was the only remarkable thing about Anaheim’s play, recently the defense has been finally getting its act together. They are playing their positions well and giving the top opposing lines a major battle for puck possession.

There was always the nagging issue, however, of a defunct offensive unit. While the protectors of the net were doing their job, the forwards were simply not getting the puck into the back of the net. Slowly this has been changing, and last night against the Dallas Stars the offensive unit showed it finally has its act together. Against a powerhouse team, the Ducks managed to post four goals in what would be a 4-2 victory. The forwards racked up shot totals that soared over the opposing team’s numbers and had no problem getting accurate shots that went past the goaltender.

It would seem that, if the Ducks can continue this trajectory, they may actually be able to salvage the season and make a run at the wild card spot (Anaheim currently sits at fourth in the standings with 45 points). Consistency is key, obviously, but with a performance like the one against Dallas it seems the Ducks are back to being the team that could really give the NHL a worthy fight.

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