Anaheim Ducks' Intentions Unclear With Carl Hagelin Trade

By Derek Kortepeter

With the Anaheim Ducks‘ decision to trade forward Carl Hagelin for Pittsburgh Penguins players David Perron and Adam Clendening, some question marks have arisen. Based on the answers that have come from the Anaheim front office, the trade seems to have been financially motivated. We know this because Anaheim GM Bob Murray himself stated, “it was a definite planned move, financially.” That seems to be a means to an end, however, and something tells me that the team is not done with moves.

Carl Hagelin and David Perron are more or less on equal footing offensively, but Hagelin’s noticeably poor scoring numbers placed him on the trade block. In trading Hagelin, the Ducks gained $4 million in cap space for the offseason. This is where the questions come up. Will the Ducks trade more players in an attempt to gain even greater financial breathing room in order to go after elite shooters? How many more Anaheim skaters can be expected to leave the team in the wake of this trade? Will Anaheim wait until the offseason to make major signings or will they try to get as many offensive forwards as possible before the trade deadline? Is Anaheim about to make a hard run at obtaining Jonathan Drouin?

All of these speculative questions simply cannot be answered at this time. The only thing the front office has explicitly talked about is the trade’s financial motives and not really anything else. The words of Bob Murray did give indication that big things are on the horizon, however, as he stated “there are a lot more phone calls…we’re going to attempt to get better here.” Anaheim fans may need to prepare themselves for some crazy last-minute deals this season based on these words.

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