John Cena's Elbow Injury May Be Worse Than WWE Thought

By Jon Fisher
Image Courtesy of the Official John Cena Facebook Page

Remember that picture of John Cena‘s elbow looking like the size of a football? Well, it wasn’t the head of Arnold from Hey Arnold!, but rather something much more serious.

A week ago, we reported here on Rant Sports that Cena sustained an injury, but that he was working through it like a true warrior. No matter what, Cena has always worked through injuries, serious or minor, and always showed up to do his job. You have to respect that.

I can now, in a more disappointing manner, report that his elbow may be much more serious than what the entire WWE Universe thought, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. That was the news that broke yesterday.

However, new are getting progressively worse for the West Newbury, Massachusetts native: WrestleZone has found evidence that Cena may be required to go under the knife after the SummerSlam PPV in just six nights.

This isn’t a good sign. First off, WWE creative must have redesigned a new story for this new update. Secondly, they are about to lose your top star to an injury going into the meat of the season. Here is the flipside, however: Daniel Bryan has much more potential to win now.

With Cena going out, who will take the reins? It will be Bryan who prevails over the giant and proves yet again that the underdog can and will win. Of course, someone will take either spot, and that will be Randy Orton. I almost guarantee that he won’t cash in at SummerSlam, but he will soon — that I can guarantee.

So, what will the verdict be on Sunday? Cena will not win. You can feel free to take that prediction to the bank.

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