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WWE: Who Will Be The Next Members Of The New Corporation?

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Who's Next For The New Corporation?

Photo Courtesy of Triple H - WWE Universe Facebook Page

Right when Triple H inserted as the special guest referee for the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan, we knew that something was going to happen, but we just weren't sure what. As we now know, it turned out that Triple H had a plan in mind the whole time, as he wound up giving Bryan the Pedigree which allowed Randy Orton to walk right in and pin him to become the new champion. The following night on Raw, it was clear what happened: the new Corporation was formed.

Much like the Corporation of the late 90s, it started with someone in management cheating so that they could have the champion that they wanted. First it was Vince McMahon assisting The Rock, and now it's Triple H helping Orton. As time went on with the first Corporation, members like the Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock and the Big Show were just a few that were added as the group gained power.

We are already certain that Triple H, Mr. McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Brad Maddox, Randy Orton and in all likelihood, The Shield, are currently in the group, but that won't be enough, right? There ended up being about 15 members that were in the original group at one time or another, so it's safe to say that eight won't suffice this time around. While it's not likely that they add big names like Brock Lesnar or The Rock (again), it would benefit them to add wrestlers that would strengthen the group's weaknesses.

Without further ado, here are the five superstars that are most likely to join the new Corporation.

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5. Batista

Photo Courtesy of Batista - WWE Universe Facebook Page

This one is more of a pipe dream than anything else, but it would be one of the biggest additions in recent memory if it actually happened.

From an on-screen point of view, it really wouldn't be all that much of a stretch, as Batista has a history with two of the groups members, Triple H and Orton, from their time together in their own stable Evolution.

He would add some much-needed muscle to the group, as there is really no one to protect to core of Vince McMahon, Triple H and Randy Orton outside of The Shield.

Given his inclusion in the "30 Years of Wrestlemania" mode in WWE 2K14, many fans have expected him to make a comeback, much like Brock Lesnar did after being featured in WWE '12. If they somehow manage to pull this off, the noise in the arena would be absolutely deafening.

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4. David Otunga

Photo Courtesy of David Otunga - WWE Universe Facebook Page

He hasn't been seen on WWE TV in months, but David Otunga could be a solid addition to the group, as he could add a new dynamic that not many other wrestlers could bring to the table.

In his time with WWE, we have seen him really play up his legal background, as he has represented everyone from John Laurinaitis to Alberto Del Rio. He has tried to get moves like the Brogue Kick banned on the basis of safety concerns (which was successful for a period of time), and this could come in handy for the Corporation.

If the group feels that Daniel Bryan is winning too many matches, they could bring him to "court" with a legal team headed by Otunga in order to ban the Yes! Lock or his new running knee finisher. This could create for some interesting television, as Bryan would have the deck stacked against him even further, and would have to come up with a new move to finish off his opponents.

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3. Big E. Langston

Photo Courtesy of Big E. Langston - WWE Universe Facebook Page

This one would work on two levels. Ever since his feud with Dolph Ziggler ended, Big E. Langston has been pretty directionless. With the in-ring ability that he showed in his series with Alberto Del Rio, there's absolutely no reason for that.

Much like the Batista addition, the addition of Langston would add some muscle and much-needed protection to the core of the group. He has played this role before, when he was Ziggler and A.J. Lee's bodyguard, so it would really be nothing new to him.

Being in the constant presence of of main event talent could also rise his stock in the company, and set him up for a major title run of his own in the future.

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2. Ryback

Photo Courtesy of Ryback - WWE Universe Facebook Page

It seems like right from the beginning of his career, Ryback was mismanaged. He was put on an undefeated streak without any big wins that lasted for months, and he was pushed right into the main event scene right away, even when it was clear that he wasn't ready.

He has since went through gimmicks that featured him backing out of matches and being nicknamed "Cryback" by Chris Jericho, to now being a bully backstage. This character, in my opinion, is really not all that bad, and it seems to be a role that he plays well. On top of being an alright gimmick overall, it is one that could easily fit into what the WWE has going on with the Corporation.

All of the members of this group are picking on Daniel Bryan and saying he's "too small" and "isn't good enough" to be the WWE Champion and face of the company. Ryback could join in on this mocking of Bryan, while also providing the muscle for the group that I have mentioned in previous slides.

This could give him more direction, and could eventually end up with him earning a spot at the top of the card once again.

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1. Wade Barrett

Photo Courtesy of Wade Barrett - WWE Universe Facebook Page

When I talk about wrestlers in need of a direction, there is no one in the entire WWE that this applies to more than Wade Barrett. He was once one of the fastest-rising stars in the company when he was leading The Nexus, but ever since he won the Intercontinental Championship, things just went downhill.

He accumulated loss after loss when he was champion (a trend that many mid-card champions are now following), and he has continued to lose even without the belt. There's really no reason for him losing all the time, as he has prototypical size, is a great wrestler, and is solid on the mic.

This wide blend of skills and his reputation as one of the best brawlers would make him fit in well with the group that is already established. Vince McMahon obviously thinks highly of him as he has sent him out time after time to try and take down Daniel Bryan, so the connection has certainly already been established.

There's no doubt that he should be in the picture for the World Heavyweight Championship at some point in the near future, and if he becomes a member of the new Corporation, it would be a huge boost.