A.J. Styles Joining WWE Would Destroy TNA

By rajprashad
Aj Styles
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It’s clear that Total Nonstop Action is panicking by their recent roster cuts. They’ve reduced their total number of PPVs from 12 to four and are looking to cut any bit of salary possible moving forward in order to stay afloat.

That’s where A.J. Styles comes in.

Styles joined the TNA roster in early 2002, competing for what were still the NWA titles. In his time with the company, he’s become the franchise player, winning every title available and carrying the organization closer toward an even competition with WWE than they’d ever been.

Now, Styles’ contract is set to expire soon and, as PWInsider.com reports, he could be well on his way out of the company. Due to tight financial decisions clashing with Styles’ tenure in the company, money could drive the multi-time champion to Connecticut.

If Styles jumps ship to the WWE, he’ll surely be a commodity. His ability to play both face and heel is remarkable and something not every champion can do *cough Alberto Del Rio cough*. While he’s an incredible talent, he would most likely be used in the same capacity Rob Van Dam was, and is used.

Even worse than him making the rich richer, this move would drive the imaginary stake into TNA’s collective heart.

As a company, TNA has struggled the find their own niche. They wanted to be different, so they made their ring six-sided. They recently changed it to the normal four sides. They wanted to compete with WWE, so they brought in all the older washouts WWE either didn’t want anymore, or those they didn’t want to pay big money to. Now, TNA is struggling to find their financial ground.

If TNA loses Styles, it would be like The Undertaker jumping to WCW with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash before the ratings war. Styles remains the cornerstone of the organization and they must do everything in their power to keep him.

Simply put, if Styles leaves the company, TNA is a dead organization walking.

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