How Will Ted DiBiase Jr.'s Departure Impact WWE

By Brian Rzeppa
Image Courtesy Of Ted DiBiase official WWE Universe Facebook page

Ted DiBiase Jr. has decided to end his five-year run in the WWE, as he announced on Twitter that he will not be renewing his contract with the company:

DiBiase entered the WWE as part of the group The Legacy which also featured Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. With Rhodes seemingly on the brink of a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship and Randy Orton being the current WWE Champion, it is clear that DiBiase did not have the success that the group’s fellow members did, though some of that can be attributed to his injury problems.

He is a two-time tag team champion, which is better than many wrestlers can say, and he should be proud of all he accomplished in the WWE. As he said in the video, he is not ruling out a return to the company, and since he is only 30-years old, it should really be expected that we’ll see him back at one time or another.

He has a son who just turned a year old in May, so you have to imagine that all of the traveling that is required in the WWE was hard on his family. You can’t blame him at all for wanting to be with his family, especially because he has a young child. He is interested in business and finances, so this break away from the WWE will give him time to be at home and concentrate on those other interests.

As far as the on-screen impact of DiBiase’s depature, there really isn’t any. He hasn’t been featured on TV in months, with his last match coming on May 9 on WWE Superstars, so casual fans will not notice that he is gone.

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