WWE Punishing Ryback For Copying Goldberg?

By Damian Seeto
Ryback Copying Goldberg
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

It seems that Ryback is down on the dumps right now. Is the WWE being too hard on him?

WWE has lost faith in Ryback for a few months now. It all started when he was doing interviews and wasn’t acting professionally. Not to mention, his wrestling was a bit reckless as he nearly injured CM Punk on a few occasions. This is one of the reasons why he’s no longer with Paul Heyman and has been losing a lot of matches lately.

Now it’s being reported that Ryback is furthering angering WWE officials because he has been copying wrestling moves from Goldberg. He used the “Jackhammer” on John Cena and Kofi Kingston in the past few weeks. He even taunted like Goldberg during the match he had with Kingston. Not only that, but he used a spear on Cena too.

The main reason WWE didn’t like this is because he didn’t ask their permission to use the moves. WWE feels that Ryback has an attitude problem and is doing things his own way. It has been rumored that Ryback could face Goldberg at WrestleMania XXX, but this might be unlikely. If Ryback continues to anger WWE officials, he may not even have a match at WrestleMania XXX.

Hopefully cooler heads can prevail. It will be very interesting to see Ryback vs. Goldberg one day. The crowd reaction alone might make that match a lot of fun. It may only happen if Goldberg wins, as it’s unlikely he’ll want to return just to lose.

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