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WWE Raw December 30: Top 5 Observations

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Overlook Of The Episode

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Did WWE hire a whole new WWE creative team? This was a fresh, but yet good episode of Raw. The product has been stall as of late and almost in some cases, not watchable.

WWE booked simple, but yet good stories and matches that flowed well with their superstars. We got two big announcements and a big return on the final episode of 2013.

The fine folks at WWE ended the year on a good note, and also created new stories going into the New Year. Now this show was good but the second hour dragged due to all the filler we were honored to watch.

The first hour was amazing, and as well as the third hour. Why? Because of simple booking. I believe WWE tries too hard, Jim Cornette (Who was a manger/booker in WWE, and other Wrestling promotions) said it famously “Booking Wrestling is simple, so don’t F it up” I strongly believe that these concept works.

Tonight’s show, offered a refreshing taste of no tag team matches aside from the divas 12-tag match in the second hour of the show.

WWE has been pushing tag team wrestling down our throats for the past couple of months. I am a fan of all forums of wrestling but it is nice to have more than two single matches on the show.

The ending was huge, it finally gave us the turn from Daniel Bryan, as he joins the Wyatt Family. With returns and turns down the crazy world of WWE, we now get into the top five observations of the night.

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5. Tension Within The Shield

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This was a hot start to the show, but now the split has officially began on one of the best faction WWE has put together in sometime. The overall goal is to build Roman Reigns to the next big thing. This is just the beginning folks, Dean Ambrose looks to be the guy to start tension with Reigns.

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4. CM Punk versus Seth Rollins in a Classic

CM Punk
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These guys got two segments and put on a great match. Now that is how to kick off Raw. WWE filled the shows first half hour with a short talking segment and a 17 minute awesome match. Simple and easy, but yet to the point. That match gets a 4-5 star rating

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3. Royal Rumble Main Event Announced

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On Tonight’s Raw, it was announced that Randy Orton versus John Cena will battle at the Royal Rumble. This is a rematch from TLC pay-per-view. I was wondering who WWE would be putting in that spot and now we know. I cannot say I’m thrilled about it, but both guys should have a good build up and then a good match.

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2. Big E. Langston Retains!

Big E
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The match was what it was, but both men worked hard. I seriously doubt we get a rematch any time soon. Big E. Langston has a big time feel to him in any of his matches. I could see him being a world champion down the road. That match gets an 2.5-5 star rating

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1. Daniel Bryan Joins the Wyatt Family

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Daniel Bryan has finally crossed over to the dark side. As seen on Raw, he joined the Wyatt clan after hard fought battle.