Will TNA Wrestling Survive Much Longer?

By Damian Seeto
TNA President Dixie Carter On The Microphone
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

Financially, TNA Wrestling is at its lowest it has ever been. Can the company survive for much longer?

One of the biggest problems TNA faces right now is attendance for live shows. Recent attendance figures have been very poor with less than 300 people watching their shows. There is even a photo going around the Internet of a TNA show failing to outsell an event that was held at a small middle school gym. The most recent photo was an event in Alabama that people have claimed that only 150 people went to.

Another problem TNA faces is the amount of wrestlers that are leaving the company. AJ Styles was one of their top guys, but he left because they couldn’t pay him enough money. There are tons of other wrestlers that have gone over the years too. Their roster hasn’t been this small in many years. There are rumors that Sting might be leaving this year and that Kurt Angle is thinking of leaving too when his contract is up in August.

TNA will also need to find a place where they can tape their shows on a frequent basis. Their usual place of Universal Studios in Florida is no longer available as Universal will be making movies over there. TNA cannot afford to tape shows on the road on a weekly basis since their attendances have been so poor. They need to find a permanent home quick, or else they will have no place to tape their shows.

As a wrestling fan, I hope TNA can survive and remain alive for the foreseeable future. However, the company is experiencing such a rough time, I’m not even sure if they can survive for the rest of the year. People like Styles, Angle and Sting have been popular figures for the company for many years. If Angle and Sting leave like Styles did, I feel TNA would lose even more fans. Something drastic needs to happen in TNA if they want to stay in business.

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