Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle: Steel Cage Reverberates Beyond Genesis

By williambontrager
courtesy of Kurt Angle-TNA Impact FaceBook

TNA Impact Genesis continues, and their old guys can still wrestle unlike in WWE.

Batista’s return moved me to sluggish misery on Raw, and I need TNA to step up this week and deliver a show worth watching.

I am usually a fan of TNA over WWE, especially since the latter has been butchering some of my favorite wrestlers, but last week’s Genesis was not that great. I wrote that they are setting up for some good matches for the second part of Genesis, and I need them to come through in the clutch.

Here is how they can do that.

Yes, Kurt Angle has wrestled Bobby Roode for the thousandth time. I thought I was tired of it, but they have great chemistry together. Unlike the feud between Randy Orton and John Cena, I can feel the feverish tension between the two superstars.

They are going to bash heads together in a steel cage. For this match to be great, they need to abandon all notions of interfering. Dixie Carter does not need her minions to come out and rob us of an epic showdown like they have been the previous weeks.

Until a major wrestler, a well-respected veteran in the industry steps up, turns heel and joins the Carter mafia I don’t want to see them in this match. They are nothing but noisome gnats buzzing around the ring pretending to be significant.

Let it be Kurt Angle against Bobby Roode with the unforgiving steel wrapping them up in its bloody embrace!

Roode should beat Angle down to a pulp in the cage after a bunch of hope spots and Angle nearly getting the victory. Angle said earlier that Roode is in his head so let that story continue. Roode should defeat Angle which would lead him to seek a darker, more sinister path.

Yes, I like to turn my favorite wrestlers heel too much, but why not? Here is hoping that Genesis the second ends with the rebirth of the peeved Angle.

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